Premiere Finishes Website Credits and Licensing

Overall Website Development and Design

IOmass Corp.Other than the elements listed below under "Other Licensing and Copyright Information" and "Other Contributors", all website design and development including code and images have been created by John Wenzel of IOmass Corp., Premiere Finishes and/or it's partners. To contact the lead web developer, go here.

Licensing and Copyright Information

Product images, screenshots and logos that are not owned by Premiere Finishes are copyrighted under their respective owners. Premiere Finishes imagery and text is copyrighted by Premiere Finishes and cannot be used in any way without the consent of Premiere Finishes. Press organizations and individuals are advised to contact us via our contact page for materials and proper usage guidelines before publishing any content online, broadcast or in print.

Other Contributors

We'd like to acknowledge and thank the following people and organizations for contributions used in the development of the Premiere Finishes website. Licensing guidelines vary by contributor. Please read the particular organization's licensing information for proper usage if you are considering using their code and/or images.

Javascript Calendar Popup by Matt Kruse

Description: "This script uses DHTML or Popup windows to display a calendar for the user to select a date. It was designed to look and behave like Microsoft Outlook."
Author: Matt Kruse
License snippet: "You may use this code for any purpose, commercial or private, without any further permission from the author..."
Usage on this site: Used on various Account Manager forms to make date selection a snap. Unfortunately, you can't see these pages unless you are logged in.

32x32 Pixel Free Design Icons by Aha-Soft

Description: A very nice collection of 32x32 pixel png format icons. Great for control panels.
Author: Aha-Soft
License snippet: "You may use the icons from Aha-Soft in commercial and personal design projects, software or Internet products. Icons can be displayed in documentation, help files, and advertising materials. You are free to sell and distribute products and projects using purchased icons without further royalty fees..."
Usage on this site: Used in Account Manager control panels. Unfortunately, you can't see these pages unless you are logged in. Please note: a couple of the icons in the control panel were created in-house, and not created by Aha-Soft.

Silk Icon Set 1.3 by Mark James

Description: A huge collection of very nice 16x16 pixel png format icons. Great for using inline with text and links.
Author: Mark James
License snippet: "This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. [ ] This means you may use it for any purpose, and make any changes you like. All I ask is that you include a link back to this page in your credits."
Usage on this site: Used primarily inline in text links (e.g. shopping cart links, download links on help pages).

Animated Spinner by Jonathan Rez

Description: Attractive animated spinners for AJAX and "Please Wait.." type scripts.
Author: Jonathan Rez
License snippet: No license information found except this statement: "I thought I’d offer for general consumption some AJAX activity loaders for use in your next wizz bang application."
Usage on this site: Used in "Please Wait" scripts where REST style calls are made behind the scenes.

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